Divi Theme:

Divi is right now the most adjustable and easy to understand subject for learner bloggers available. It has an intuitive proofreader that lets you plan your blog and perceive what it looks like continuously, as you come. You can make your landing page look basically precisely how you need it to, and they have TONS of assets to assist you with doing as such. They have a broad library of composed and video instructional exercises to tell you the best way to utilize their subject and plan your blog. More than some other subject I’ve seen.

They likewise have a no-questions-asked, 30-day unconditional promise, which is too significant. A few things don’t, which means you’re practically stuck after you get it. With Divi, you can give it a preliminary attempt, and in the event that you don’t care for it, you can either restore it OR you can evaluate any of the other 70+ subjects that accompany Elegant Themes.

Avada Theme:

Avada is the thing that we by and by utilized for the primary couple of months on our wellbeing and health blog. At the time that we utilized it, it had less customizations than it did today, so we changed to another topic. In any case, they have made a LOT of moves up to it, and it’s super genuine at this point! We’ve utilized it on two or three sites from that point forward.

Avada has huge loads of customizations and furthermore has many instructional exercises and documentation to assist you with figuring out how to utilize the topic. It’s not exactly as natural or easy to understand as Divi, yet in case you’re on a genuine spending plan, it’s an extraordinary subsequent choice!

Streak Theme:

Streak, by ThemeGrill, is by a wide margin the best free subject available that we have found. It gives a lot of customization thinking of it as’ a free topic. It’s as yet not going to be NEARLY as adaptable as a subject like Divi, however on the off chance that a paid topic isn’t in your financial plan, this is a GREAT alternative to begin with.

They likewise offer a paid form of the topic in the event that you need to update for extra highlights. On the off chance that you need to see it in real life, you can look at my own site that is planned with Flash.

Hestia Theme:

Hestia, by ThemeIsle, is another extraordinary free alternative. Like with Flash, you can make many customizations on your landing page thinking of it as’ thoroughly free. You can change your menus, your header pictures, make sections, and a wide range of other great stuff.

They likewise offer paid renditions on the off chance that you need extra customizations! Streak is as yet my top choice to the extent free subjects go, yet check Hestia out in the event that you don’t adore Flash yet need to adhere to a free topic!

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